The J.N.A.V. Zephirah in Czernowitz and Frederik Grinberg

Frederik Grinberg, son of Isac Iacob and Rachel Lea Grünberg, was born as Frederic Grünberg in Czernowitz on 22.02.1938. Currently he is living, together with his wife, Liubov Medzhybovskaja-Grinberg, in modest circumstances in Germany. I’ve been visiting this couple, both of them doctors, several times and released an article (in German) on this meetings:

Frederik Grinberg und die J.N.A.V. Zephirah

I’ve taken notice of his biography by the article “Mein Leben im Ghetto und auf dem okkupierten Territorium”, released by the Project Group Migration – History from Mülheim an der Ruhr. Beside the different documents from WW2 and the original Star of David from the Czernowitz Ghetto, which I’ve photographed (see the above mentioned post), there were two impressive pictures, that – thanks to Peter, Eli, Irene and Mimi – we could identify as pictures from the years 1920 and 1938 of the J.N.A.V. Zephirah.

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1938, row by row, from left to right: Prof. Baruch Schuller, Adv. Iosef Brender, Hans Blutstein, Dr. Ad. Kliegler, Mag. M. Geller, Dr. Ad. Ziller, Adv. L. Seidner, S. Weisselberger, Dr. Iak. Krell, Adv. Ch. Saller, Prof. I. Grünberg, Ing. D. Kronenfeld, S. Picker, Adv. Noe Lehrer, M. Schwarzkopf, Adv. I. Kirmayer, Max Reinstein, Prof. B. Eisenthal, Dr. Srul Osterer, Dr. Fr. Nasspreis, Bernh. Scherzer, Dr. Adele Fleischer, Salo Woraczek, Dr. L. Brenner, Osn. Osterer, Willy Kliegler, Eva Schieber Fiedler, Dr. Abr. Kaswan, Dr. Saul Klier, Isak Fernhof, L. Eifermann, Dr. Ulrich Schächter, Iosef Bickel, Dr. Hersch Lecker, Dr. Meinh. Roth, Dr. Paul Lessing, Adolf Feldmann, Adv. M. Schapira, Dr. L. Mader, Dr. Josef Thau, Dr. M. Wiesenthal, Dr. B. Kasvan, Dr. Bernh. Kahane, Sim. Rosenrauch, N. Linker, M. Weissmann, S. Habermann, Mend. Zucker, Adv. M. Abramovici, Calm. Katz, Ing. Isr. Stenzler, Dr. Fritz Wagschal, Ios. Kinsbrunner, Dr. Wilh. Stecher, Dr. Iacob Iekeles, Rudolf Katz, Dr. Iacob Geller, Dr. Bernh. Stecher, Dr. Leonh. Eckstein, Prof. Isr. Schleyer, Prof. Dav. Lesczer, Leo Wiener, Samuel Stieber, Dr. Benj. Lessner, Dr. Ios. Diwer, Dr. Sal. Harnik, Dr. Salo Krässel, Dr. Norbert Kiwe, Dr. Moriz Zalman, Karl Metsch, Dr. Samuel Hammer, Chaim Osterer, Dr. Emanul Wagner, Adv. Aron Hechtlinger, Dr. M. Diamant, Dr. Moses Bardich, Prof. Dr. S. Hornstein, Dr. Mar. Sommer, Dr. Ios. Kaufmann, Prof. M. Herbst, Prof. Teod. Kern, Dr. Isid. Kottlar, Dr. Mark. Krämer [Dr. Markus Kramer], Dr. Karl Hasko, Dr. S. Brettschneider, Dr. Wolf Herzberg, Dr. Iosef Sperber, Dr. Saul Geiger, Dr. Ad. Niederhofer, Dr. Herm. Ebner, Dr. Mos. Glaubach, Dr. Ios. Miseles, Dr. Mordko Rotfeld, Iakob Czaczkes, Mos. Seidmann, Adv. Iak. Hasenfratz, Iosef Kula, Adv. Israel Goldhagen, Abrah. Friedmann, Adv. Herm. Lifsches, Dr. Heinr. Kreisel, Dr. Wolf Riznik, Adv. Simon Stein, Osico Wolfshaut, Adv. Herm. Spasser, Adv. Laz. Fränkel, Adv. Er. Kupferberg, Adv. Izio Halpern, Adv. M. Hammer, Adv. Max Halpern, Mag. Ak. Finkental

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The Transfer – Deportation of Siret Jews

A few days ago, “The Jewish Files of Rădăuți” were released, a microcosm of the Jewish suffering in Romania: persecution, deportation, extermination.

Hanna Berger from Israel/USA directed my attention to Havah Ostfeld’s book “The Transfer”. It’s about the deportation of the Jews of Siret. The book, about 58 pages, is in Hebrew. Havah’s father and Hanna’s grandfather were brothers. Hanna ( is so generous to offer her assistance in translating this document. Thank you so much, Hanna!

Bojan, Boian, Boyany, Boiany, Бояни

(Bojan, 10.10.09) Bojan is a village in the close vicinity of Czernowitz. Tracing the Rudel family, part of my own family, I’ve received from Ludwig Rudel from the USA the following report:

The oral history of the Rudels goes back to 1825, with the birth of Eliezer. He was born in Galicia (in the Russian part of Poland).

In 1833 there was an upheaval in that region. Two things occurred. One was the Polish rebellion against Russia (began in 1830-1831) and led to a brutal repression by the Russians in 1833. The second was the cholera epidemic of the same time.

It was said that the schtetl in which Eliezer lived had a Cabalist Rabbi and he decided that God was angry with their village and that, to appease God, they should send four children of the village out of the village; one child North, one to the South, one to the East and one to the West. (A more charitable interpretation might be that the Rabbi wanted to get the children away from there because everyone was dying.)

Eliezer was one of the children sent away. A wagon driver passed through the Schtetl and Eliezer was given to him to take with him to his destination and care for him. Eliezer’s family name was not disclosed to the wagon driver. The wagon driver’s name was Rudel. (You might recall that last names were assigned to Jews in Austria in 1786 in preparation for the census.) He raised Eliezer, married him off to one of his daughters (Rebecca Rachel) and they settled in Bojan.

No doubt about that, based on this fascinating story, I visited to Bojan, looking for traces of Jewish death.

(GPS N 048° 16′ 17,6″ E 026° 08′ 03,0″)

I’m not sure but I’m afraid that might be the last opportunity to see the Cemetery, as there are suspect clearing activities in progress there.

In Bojan I was talking to an eyewitness, who observed in 1941 the execution of Jews on the village square.

Mr. Florea, aged eight at that time, reports on the cruel details, he has seen. Asked by me, who has been responsable for the executions, he initially evaded the issue, mentioning the execution has been conducted by soldiers.

I was insisting and I’ve asked wether there were German or Romanian soldiers. Somehow embarressed he confirmed: “They were Romanians, unfortunately Romanians.

Edgar Hauster Would somebody, who reads Hebrew be so kind to translate the cemetery plate?

Help identify family in 1936 photo

This email was received today from Michal Apter-Lecker <>:

Please help identify these people.

Please help identify these people.

“This photo was taken about 1936 in Czernowitz, by – Jacob Broll … Ferdinand 38 ? I do recognize only one person – Yosef-Yoshko Orenstein – the 2nd. to the left. Maybe you can help identify the others?”Please reply to the address above.